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Get The Door. It’s Prep’d!

Now, Where Were We?

PREP’D’s mission is to prepare healthy eating options for your busy lifestyle while helping you meet your dietary goals. This is carried out by always having healthy meals that consist of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and green vegetables available that have been pre-cooked for purchase at any time. In a short 2 minutes you can have a hot meal ready to eat and be confident you made a great food choice. In addition to always having meals prepared, we also offer the ability for customers to build specific meal plans to their individual food quantities or meal macro profile. We are excited to serve you one healthy meal at a time.

After years of meal prepping my own food, and seeing the positive changes in my physique, I also felt incredible. I would pass this knowledge on to everyone I knew, and it seemed that I would always get the same response “Meal Prepping takes a lot of work”. I always agreed and decided to help create a solution to help others.

– PREP’D • Healthy Eating on the Go – Jason Lee, Owner



Delicious Food.
To Fit Your Lifestyle.
Skip the stores and drive-thru and enjoy yummy, ready-to-eat, healthy meals. We constantly obsess over providing the highest-quality ingredients so we can craft nutrient-rich meals and deliver them right to you conveniently, fresh and ready to eat. We pride ourselves in great-tasting, wholesome food that’s both healthy and satisfying. All with everything you want and without what you don’t need.

Since 2016

Prepare For First-Class Service .
We provide you with the meal options you want! We offer customized amounts that allow you to get the right balance. Regardless of the item or how you’ll use it, you know its cooked to perfection and healthy!

We Are Where You Are!

This is eating better, made easy. Our kitchen & storefront is in Yukon, OK but we provide your favorites in Partner Refrigerators all over the metro!


Check out with our delivery service and choose the hour you’d like your meals to be delivered.
Life Is Too Short For Average Food!