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How It Works

You can come in and buy any one of our ready-made meals or a weeks worth of meals. Feel free to order here and we can customize the meals to your specifications (with 24 hours notice.) Our chefs cook daily in the mornings, which allows us to offer healthy food a la carte and keep our shelves full  for your quick selections.





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Why Prep’d?

Choose your meals from our diverse menu. Gluten free, low carb, keto & vegetarian options available. Our meals are ready for your refrigerator. When you are ready for a meal, all you have to do is heat and eat.


Come Hungry. Leave Happy.
Wow! The food is fantastic! I'm a diabetic. Maintaining control of your food intake can be extremely difficult in this nonstop world we live in. Preparing correctly measured meals can be an arduous task many can not maintain. PREP'D provides delicious food with the correct serving size. I highly recommend PRE'D!
James Funderburk
Tried the Prep'd meals last week for the first time and I loved them! The meals are helping me with my weight loss/health goals. As a single working professional I found fast food easier than cooking. Now I have the perfect portion of fresh food that I can heat and have ready in 2 minutes!
Deana McCann
I don’t think I’ve ever written a review for anything, however this place is just amazing! Great customer service as soon as you come thru the door! LOVE the salmon, incredible flavor and always so fresh. The best part is the price, Compared to all these online places these guys are cheap, in a good way. Not from the area but so glad i found this place!! Great job guys keep up the great work!!
David Blake
As a chiropractor my job is to keep people healthy and functional so they can live a long healthy pain free life. There are not many options in the mustang/Yukon area that will give you cheap healthy meal choices. I can take care of the functional aspect of life, and I always refer people to prep'd to eat healthy. Your body is constantly overturning cells, you want to give your body healthy building blocks to rebuild those cells (you are what you eat) I highly recommend prep'd if you want to eat healthy and improve your life.
Mark Kimble
I can't say enough wonderful things about Prep'd and their staff! The food is amazing and totally takes the "work" out of my diet. I know if I'm getting my meals here, I don't have to think about my macros! Prep'd meals, paired with an incredible exercise program, have enabled me to loose weight so much more quickly and "easily" than I ever would have thought possible! I get the benefit of meal prep without spending my weekends and valuable family time in the kitchen
Jeanne ‘Martz’ Kratz
I stopped into Prep'd on the suggestion of a co-worker and I'm impressed. I have grandchildren who don't like meat and trying to grab a quick healthy meal on the go is difficult and limited. The dishes we tried were better than the same items I've ordered in restaurants. The kids loved the pancakes and they couldn't get enough salmon. If you can cook salmon a toddler will eat, you've accomplished something! The pricing makes it affordable to stock up on several items for the week. We will definitely be going back.
Carla Pemberton
I'm so impressed! My kids buy their meals here, and my son bought me the Salmon yesterday for lunch. It was amazing, taste great and healthy to boot! Who woulda thought! This morning my daughter stopped by to grab a few meals for the day and dropped her debit card in the parking lot but didn't realize it until after she got to work. She called him and he went outside to look and actually found it for her! So great food, helping the community get healthy, and super nice and honest service. I would rate this place with 10 stars, but it stops at 5.
Charolette Wilson-Schlecht
These people are geniuses! As a personal trainer and nutrition coach it's so hard finding healthy food on the go, especially in Oklahoma. I walked into Prep'd and was greeted by smiling faces(you can tell the owner/employees are passionate, because I could clearly tell they too take care of their bodies too). They showed me around and explained how it works. They offer prepared food(shrimp or chicken) in small(4oz protein) or large portions(6oz protein), and you can choose to pair your protein with jasmine rice or sweet potatoes and green beans. They also have breakfast , and drinks available. The prices are great for what you get! I have food prepped my own food, but after a week in the freezer it's not that great, I was expecting bland, overcooked food but they really surprised me! The honey Sriracha shrimp was very flavorful, with the perfect texture. They even have cinnamon for the sweet potatoes for sprinkling. All in all, I wish I lived closer so I could return more often! P.S. I'd also like to point out that all the carbs, calories and info is on the package.
Tiffany Ann Whitefield