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Prep'd Muscle Turns to Fat

It's a Glandular Problem...

Warning: I am going to say some controversial things in this post and ruffle some feathers a bit, so hold on....

How many times have you heard someone say something similar to "He can't lose any weight because his thyroid is messed up" or "She has blood sugar issues and can't lose weight" ? Sound familiar? So is it true? Do some people have glandular problems that prevent them from losing weight? 

The answer is an unequivocal NO. People may indeed have issues with their thyroid or other hormones that will complicate the weight loss process but certainly not prevent it. People will use any excuse possible as to why they won't lose weight. As my father use to say, "Did you see any fat people in Auschwitz?" Obviously you don't. The take away is, if you cut calories enough you will lose weight, period. (Note: the holocaust was a terrible, tragic period in human history and if you are offended, go ready someone else's blog)  

That said, I always recommend that someone gets tests run before starting a workout or weight loss program. I know you hear this as a standard legal disclaimer but it is a good idea. You will know better what you are up against and your diet and training efforts should be adapted to any health challenges you may have. If not you may not be getting the results you are expecting.

I have known people with all sorts of health concerns who were able to achieve remarkable results. I am talking about things like diabetes or a thyroid ravaged by cancer. Did it pose a challenge for them? Absolutely, but they did not use it as an excuse. 

So I don't want to hear about blood sugar issues, thyroid issues or any other hormonal issues keeping you fat, sitting on the couch. DON'T MAKE EXCUSES! Tame the inner bitch and make yourself a better version of yourself.

Coming Next Week: New Year's Resolutions, Are they a good idea?

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