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Water, Water Everywhere

Water, Water Everywhere

My biggest struggle and failure with my health, by far, is my consumption of water. I may hit all my eating and training goals during a given day but often I will find my water consumption has fallen way behind. I was once told that "Water is the best supplement in the gym.", and this is so true. There are so many benefits to drinking more water. Just to name a few: it flushes body waste, it lubricates the joints, it boosts skin health, regulates body temperature and helps control appetite.  (1)

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To be honest (I hate that saying as I always strive to be honest), I don't like to drink water. Other than durning training, drinking water often sounds miserable. I am not really thirsty so why drink more water. Sometimes I find myself going the whole afternoon without drinking a single drop of water. 

To remedy my water consumption problem, I had to integrate drinking water into an existing daily habit. I am a huge believer in building habits that lead to success so I employed this tool to solve my problem and you can do the same. For me, I started drinking a minimum of half a bottle of water every time I ate a meal. Often I simply guzzle it down as soon as I am finished eating. You too can make water drinking a habit. Set alarms on your watch to remind you or have a cup of water every time the hour changes on your computer's clock. 

Remember that drinking water is crucial to the success of your fitness goals. Consume water throughout the day and you will feel and perform better. 


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