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Your Last Decision May Have Been A Bad One......

There is a maxim I tell my children which is as relevant to an 11 year old as it is to an adult. "Your last decision may have been a bad one but your next decision can be a good one."

Let's face it, we all make bad choices from time to time. After all, we are human beings, and life can be challenging. After all those doughnuts your coworker brought in are very tempting. This applies to all areas of our life whether it is our relationships, finances or our health. I have heard clients and friends say things similar to this. "Well I had two doughnuts for breakfast, so today is shot. I might as well eat bad and get back on track on Monday." It is human nature that when we get off track we have serious difficulty getting back on track and we continue on the same trajectory of poor decision making. Researchers call this emotional decision making. You are feeling bad about your last choice so you have a tendency to get stuck in the disappointment and essentially say f$#* it. 

One indulgence is not going to kill your diet, but a whole day or multiple days will set you back. Remember when you have gone off track with your eating plan, don't let this depress or disappoint you too much. Just get right back on track. Your next decision can be a good one! If you follow this strategy with your diet, and all areas of your life, the bad decisions we make don't destroy our progress. We are able to quickly get back on track. 

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