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Eat Healthy - Stay Healthy

Eat Healthy - Stay Healthy

No doubt we are living in unprecedented times in so many ways. We are bombarded with all sorts of information regarding staying healthy and preventing the spread of Covid-19. "Should we wear masks?" or "What type of masks should we wear?" or "Should I stay home or should I go to ______?", just to name a few. Sadly I cannot answer most of these questions but there is one thing that is fairly certain. The one thing the data shows definitively is that healthy, non-obese, people are much less susceptible and recover much faster than people with a less healthy lifestyle. 

Sadly, we are reaping the rewards of our fast food, chips and queso lifestyles. We should let this serve as a wake up call to the way a large percentage of Americans have been living. This is the moment to change our lifestyle choices and head toward a healthier version of ourselves. It could literally save our lives! It use to be very difficult to see the rewards of a healthy lifestyle. It was something that may come into play in our happy golden years, if we are lucky and don't get hit by a bus first. Now we see the benefits today! 

You may be saying to yourself that it is too late. You may be saying that it will take me too long to get healthy. The fact is you NEED to start today. Every day you eat healthy, exercise and take your vitamins, is a step closer to good health and that may be the difference between life and death!

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